Question: Amazon changed their UPC / EAN Requirements in 2016, will your UPC codes still work for Amazon?

Yes our UPC code will work for Amazon basically optimized for Amazon and several steps has been adopted by us to make sure that your UPC code must have higher acceptance rate than other seller of UPC codes in the market.

Question: How fast can I get my UPC/barcodes after purchasing them?  

You can get the UPC code instantly as soon as you make the payment for the code you will receive a notification or the email that contains the exact quantity of UPC code that you have purchased.

Question: Will my UPC codes work for with no issues?  

Yes all our UPC codes can work instantly on Amazon without any problem as they are not issued or sold previously to anyone. We are experts on the use of UPC codes on the Amazon platform.

Question: Where can I use the UPC Codes that I purchase from you?

Your UPC code will work anywhere or everywhere online and in retail stores beside the following Walmart (Our UPC Codes work great for, but will not work in physical Walmart stores), Sams Club, Kroger, FredMeyer, Macy’s, & Bloomingdales. Walmart, Sams Club, Kroger, FredMeyer, Macy’s, & Bloom berg dales.

Question: I want to sell my book; do I need a UPC, EAN or ISBN number?

The retailer generally requires UPC code or ISBN code if you are selling your book through online mode. The ISBN is generally 13 digit number that generally identifies the publisher’s book title and contact information. So we basically recommend our customers to check the stores requirement through ISBN and UPC codes before you make a purchase from us.