Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you deliver the codes?

Ans. Codes will be delivered to your registered email address in mostly 8 hours of confirmed payment. Codes will be sent in MS Excel sheet. The customer has to copy 1 code from the sheet and paste on the desired website while listing the product and choose the code type as ‘EAN-13 Code’, and the product will be listed.

2. Where can I use these codes?

Ans. The codes are suitable for listing your products on almost all portals that accept UPC/EAN format of codes. Our customer are using it on,, Flipkart, eBay etc.

3. What is validity of these codes? Are these codes registered with any barcode issuing authority?

Ans. These codes are valid for lifetime. No renewal is required. These codes are NOT registered with any barcode issuing authority. However these codes serve the same purpose like registered barcodes. Our 10000+ satisfied customers are our strength and 98% positive feedback on eBay India helped us serve you better.

4. Which series of codes will you provide?

Ans. We generally provide 890 series of codes as 890 series is used in India’s retail industry. However if you need any specific series, we may develop that too.

5. I have 10 products, how many codes do I need?

Ans. You need number of codes equal to the number of items you have. If you have 10 items, you need just 10 UPC/EAN codes for listing these 10 items on portals. It doesn’t matter how many pieces of these 10 items you have. Even if you have 10000 quantity of item A, you don’t need 10000 different codes for listing them. Just 1 codes is sufficient to list that.

6. Do I need different codes to list variations of a product? Do I need different codes for different portals?

Ans. Yes, for all the variations, use different codes. For instance, use different codes for Small, Medium & Large Sizes and also for Blue, Red & Purple colors. You don’t need different codes for different portals. Same code can be used for 1 product for all portals.

7. Are these codes suitable for retail selling of the products?

Ans. These codes are not suitable for sticking on your product packaging and selling in retail chains. However a few of our clients are doing the same. Our codes are not registered with any barcode issuing authority. If you start selling your products in retail using these codes, a problem can arise if a different product with registered barcode similar to your product’s barcode comes for sale in the same store where you are selling your product. The store owner may ask you to change your codes as your codes is not registered.

8. Will Amazon remove my products if I use unregistered codes?

Ans. 70% of the products listed on Amazon India & Abroad are listed using these barcodes as India is a land of new sellers, so everyone can’t afford to go with GS1 registration. So there is less possibility that Amazon will remove its 70% catalog. However, there is always a risk for the same that you should keep it in mind before placing the order.

9. Do you accept returns?

Ans. We do not accept returns of any codes emailed to the customer. Cancellation is not allowed for confirmed orders. We start working on your order as soon as we receive the order.

10. What if the codes doesn’t work?

Ans. We provide 100% replacement guarantee if codes issued by us doesn’t work while listing the products. Just send us a screenshot of the error message that you get while listing the product and we will resolve the issue. If the codes are found already used, we will replace them in 48 hours after research.

11. How do I make the payment?

Ans. You can make the payment using your credit card, debit card, netbanking or e-wallet. For direct transfer, we accept NEFT also. Please send us email for bank account number. For international customers, we accept PayPal also. PayPal option is not available on checkout. For PayPal transfer, please send us email at

12. Do you provide GST invoice for this service?

Ans. Yes, we do provide GST invoice for bulk orders. Please contact us at 9687089952 for GST invoice related queries.

13. Do I need to use different UPC/EAN codes for same product on different portals?

Ans. You may use the same code for listing a products on all the portals.

14. Do I also need to paste the printed barcodes on the product packaging when selling online?

Ans. If you are selling the product online only, there is no need to paste the printed barcode on the product packaging as it is not mandatory. When you have listed the product using the EAN codes, the job of the code is done. However if you are planning to send the product to modern retail, they may ask you to print the barcode on product packaging.

15. What is difference between GS1 registered barcodes and barcodes?

Ans. GS1 is the only body that is authorized to sell barcodes to its customers. The barcodes issued by GS1 are valid worldwide. The price for GS1 certified barcodes is quite high and it requires annual renewal also. Codes sold by are NOT registered/authorized by any barcodes issuing authority, however these codes solve the same purpose and are suitable for small sellers who are not willing to spend too much money on certification of barcodes. You are advised to get the certified barcodes if you have large customer base and customers all over the country with retail counter everywhere. However if you are selling your products just online, certification is not advisable.

16. Other sellers are selling GS1 certified UPC/EAN codes, why not

Ans. Please note that GS1 never authorize and of its customers to resell the barcodes or EAN/UPC codes. So if someone is assuring you that the barcodes are GS1 certified, please ask them for a proof. For every registered barcode, the product corresponding to that barcodes is available on GS1 website. So ask your seller if they can provide any proof for that.

17. Are these codes product specific?

Ans. No, the codes are free to use with any product. You may list clothes, footwear, sports items, jewellery, perfumes or any item you wish to sell with these codes.

18. Do I have to provide you any information about my products after ordering?

Ans. No, you don’t need to send us anything. We will send you the codes on your email id, you copy one code and paste on online portal website and its done.

19. My payment is deducted but I have not received any order confirmation email/order not showing in my account.

Ans. Please don’t worry. Your payments are secure by PayUMoney. If anything like this happens, please call us at 9687089952 or email at and share the email id used to place the order and order value, & we will get back to you in 24 hours.