Please note that these UPC/EAN codes are not registered with any barcode issuing authority of India or abroad. These codes are suitable for listing your products online however these should not be used as a label on product packaging.

Because these codes are not registered with GS1 or any other barcode issuing authority, there is a possibility that the product listed using these codes will be removed by Amazon or other websites without giving notice. So please keep the possibility in mind before making the purchase.

We guarantee that the codes will be unique and products can be listed.


Please note that we are supplying the EAN/UPC codes through email delivery only. No physical delivery will be made to the customer. Email delivery is made within 48 hours of confirmed payment provided the customer enters its email id correctly. If you have any specific requirement of UPC/EAN Codes for a particular series, please send email in 24 hours of making the payment.

If you need physical delivery of the item, shipping charges will be extra.


UPC/EAN Codes delivered once will not be returned at any cost. In case the customer faces any problem in using the codes, we are available at our store contact numbers to resolve your problems. If in case you found any of the codes used, we are ready to replace 100% of the used codes in 48 hours provided the customer shows a proof of  the codes already used.


100% replacement Guarantee of the codes found used in 48 hours of reporting to us with a proof or screenshot clearly showing the codes are used.