There are several reasons why you should choose us  


All the UPC codes that are sold by us are UCC/GS1-US issued and are 100% authentic. We ensure that you must receive authentic codes that satisfy your need for product br coding that is the reason why we provide you with UPC codes that are legitimate and 100% authentic to use at the time of your product coding. It is our commitment to provide you the required codes that are original and worth for your investment.

USA Based Company:

Our company is based in USA and we provide you the original bar Codes that you pay for unlike those who are non USA based companies and so you can trust our services very easily. Unauthentic barcodes can pose serious problems for you in future so we try to provide you the most authentic barcodes that satisfies your requirement to the best of our knowledge.

Amazon Pre-checked UPC Codes

All our UPC codes are Pre-checked by the Amazon. Our codes are checked and pre checked before we issue it to you. Apart from that these all are NEW codes and never been sold to other party or reused or resold to others. Fully authentic New codes you will receive from us.